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Pro Wrestling America (PWA) is a family show. we use trained professional wrestlers, featuring stats from the past, present, and future! We have featured current and past stars of WCW (Lenny Lane), WWE (Eric Rowan), TNA (Austin Aries), and NXT. We also bring in Wrestlers from the old days of the AWA like "The sod Buster" Kenny Jay, and "The Trainer of Champoions" Eddie Sharkey. We use some of the top talent in Minnesota as well as the midwest and Canada to bring great wreslting to your venue!


Current stars of PWA have all been trained and know how to preform safely. They know and understand that PWA loves family shows, and they conduct themselves in a manner that is suitable for all ages.


We provide our own wreslting ring and sound system; these are the things needed to make a show look as professional as possible. We provide Advertising materials like posters and flyers with a professional look to catch peoples attention. 


If you would like more information on PWA and our services and our shows please email us in the "Contact Us" Tab if you are interested in having a show at your event, business, venue, or festival!

Professional Look

Promoting a show is important and making sure our product looks great way to make sure people come to your venue.

Professional Equipment

Our wreslting ring has been used in the AWA and has also been used by Ring of Honor (seen on CW Network)

Professional Wrestling!

Using the best trained professional wrestlers from Minneosata, the Midwest, and even Canada!

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